Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wow! GL and the blogosphere!

I'll get back to J. Bernard Jones one more time in my next post.

But, in the meantime, have you been following the blogosphere?

Michael Fairman and Sara Bibel and Patrick Erwin and Roger Newcomb and's Matt Purvis have all been invited to Peapack, NJ to have a whole set of in depth encounters with the GL creative team from top to bottom.

Regardless, it was only recently that Tom Casiello reminded us of the SuperFan (my word), and the use of social networking and devoted fans to "spread the word" about media properties. Sam Ford (sample blog here) has often talked about this whole area of "convergence culture", and is basically single-handedly introducing the concept to "thinking fans" who care about soaps.

There can be no clearer sign that the GL team remains committed to moving the show into the new world. I give much credit to that team. Even though I don't know how long the GL experiment can last in this economy, and I'm not sure they're doing everything right, I want to kiss them all for trying. I can't wait to hear the many insights that will flow from this.

Sara Bibel mentions that it is daring and innovative (I think that was her phrase) for GL to invite all these bloggers. True. Bloggers are a fiercely independent lot, and surely not part of the publicist-controlled media.

More importantly, I think it speaks volumes about the declining (last gasp?) influence of the soap opera magazines. As Roger Newcomb has railed for a while now, GL can't even get a COVER of SOD. So, how clever for GL to bypass the old media, and go straight to the new! This can not only help further helps establish the legitimacy of this newer form of disseminating information and publicity.

Bravo to the whole lot of you!


Marceline said...

Mark, if you're the "mystery fifth" it behooves you to tell us. It's disingenuous to pretend.

MarkH said...

LOL, Marceline.

I'm not worthy to shine the shoes of those five bloggers! They are truly power-bloggers, with deep roots in the industry, street cred as writers, and a long history of ardent fandom for their shows.

I wouldn't even have the critical eye needed to make the most of that tour. Instead, what I am loving is the chance to vicariously go behind the scenes with them, and to see (I hope) a relatively unvarnished, balanced perspective...rather than the publicist-monitored stuff that the mags are forced to publish.

It is that--the emergence of an "independent press"--which most excites me about this tour.