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Amazing GLBT Television reference

(Last updated 07/07/2009)

Hey...going way beyond soaps, I just discovered David Wyatt's directory of GLBT Television Characters.

You may recall I tried to do a list of my own a few weeks back, compiling the wisdom of DonnaB, Michael/Rthrquiet and others. I have now updated that thanks to David. Also, I have some names in the other list that I forgot to put here, but have now updated thanks to Roger Newcomb's blog.

More about David below, but based on his reference and my own, I think I now have come up with this timeline of GLBT on US soaps. (I have coded minor characters in italics and major characters in bold; this is an admittedly subjective enterprise, but I have tried to code as major those who were on for more than a handful of episodes, whose full names were known to the audience and other characters).

1977, The Young and the Restless, Katherine Chancellor
1977, The Young and the Restless, Joanne Curtis
1977, Days of Our Lives, Sharon Duvall
1982, All My Children, Lynn Carson
1985, Santa Barbara, Channing Capwell Jr.
1985, Santa Barbara, Lindsay Smith
1988, As the World Turns, Hank Elliott
1992, One Life to Live, Billy Douglas
1992, One Life to Live, Jonathan Michaelson
1992, One Life to Live, Rick Mitchell
1994, General Hospital, John Hanley
1995, All My Children, Michael Delaney
1995, All My Children, Rudy
1995, Guiding Light, Wyatt Sanders
1996, All My Children, Kevin Sheffield
1996, All My Children, Brad Phillips
1996, The City, Azure C.
1997, All My Children, Rick
1997, General Hospital, Ted Murty
1997, One Life to Live, Wendi Mercury
1999, Passions, Simone Russell
2000, All My Children, Bianca Montgomery
2000, All My Children, Rain Wilkins
2000, All My Children, Sarah Livingston
2002, All My Children, Lena Kundera
2002, All My Children, Maggie Stone
2004, The Bold and the Beautiful, Sergei
2004, One Life to Live, Mark Solomon
2005, As The World Turns, Luke Synder
2005, General Hospital, Lucas Jones
2005, One Life To Live, Daniel Colson
2005, All My Children, Val
2006, All My Children, Zarf/Zoe Luper
2006, General Hospital, Guy Richardson
2006, Passions, Chad Harris-Crane
2006, Passions, Vincent Clarkson-Crane
2007, As The World Turns, Noah Meyer
2008, All My Children, Reese Williams
2008, As The World Turns, Reg Addington
As The World Turns, Tony
2008, As the World Turns, Brian Wheatley
2008, Passions, Norma Bates
2008, Passions, Edna Wallace
2009, Guiding Light, Doris Wolfe
Guiding Light, Olivia Spencer
2009, Guiding Light, Natalia Rivera Aitoro
2009, As the World Turns, Zac
2009, The Young and the Restless, Rafael "Rafe" Torres
2009, One Life to Live, Officer Oliver Fish
2009, One Life to Live, Kyle Lewis
2009, The Young and the Restless, Victor "Adam Wilson" Newman Jr.
2009, The Young and the Restless, Phillip Chancellor III

His US soap-specific links include (original font and links here) those linked below. His list is superb, because it also includes primetime and soap spoofs, which I didn't cover myself. It is actually FASCINATING how much daytime and primetime serials have led the charge here, both in the US and the UK. My beloved Doctor Who is on that list too. In the process I was reminded that I forgot (I didn't forget, but I forgot to write in my original post) about Santa Barbara's Channing Capwell Jr. and his lover! David's list is so much better than mine, so please visit.

All My Children (1983),

All My Children (1995-2004),

All My Children (2006-2007)

As the World Turns (1988-1989),

As the World Turns (2005-present)

The City (US)

Days of Our Lives

General Hospital (1994-1998),

General Hospital (2005-2006)

Guiding Light

One Life To Live (1992-1993)


Santa Barbara

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All good except for the character of Adam. He's just a straight, psychopathic man using a gay man.