Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Y&R Victor's Vasectomy

Okay, I am outraged (as are many of us) that the Y&R writers simply *forgot* about TGVN's TWO previous "snips" (which drove YEARS of story), and made Victor impregnate wife Sabrina without explanation. More than the story hole it creates, I don't understand how a legacy writer (Natalie Minardi Slater), a Bell-family headwriter (Maria Arena Bell), and key principal actors from the vasectomy eras (Eric Braeden, Melody Thomas Scott, Jeanne Cooper, Joshua Morrow, Sharon Case, Eileen Davidson, Peter Bergman) could all be around and this historical inaccuracy be perpetrated.

In case you missed it, some of those actors are not shrinking violets. They said nothing? They were disregarded?

Now, many Y&R viewers I know can't get past this. This is like the mark-of-the-devil on Maria Arena. The fact that steps are being taken to ERASE this storyline from memory (they are allegedly killing the baby mama, they have already killed the baby) is not enough. The fact that they have "explained" (on 7/29/08, Kay told Nikki--who was the FIRST person to ask how Victor could have impregnated a woman after two vasectomies--that Victor had "quietly" had a reversal) does not offer comfort. WHEN did he have this done? WHY did he have this done?

For me, having addressed it--and killed off the story--effectively deals with this mistake (even as I remain concerned that such mistakes can happen again). But I am accused of tolerating lazy writing, which is true.

Here is a three-part rationalization (why I can live with this by writing the story in my own mind) that helps me get through the night :-). The first two parts were posted on SON, and the third part on Usenet.


I've decided that I like usenet posters Patricia/Cheri's interpretations of how this could have gone down. (They are at usenet,

The idea is that the vasectomy happened when Victor left to find the missing Adam (a story beat never mentioned again). This was right after Nicholas "died". We KNOW he was bereft at losing 'my boy'. So bereft that he took off looking for his other son. It wouldn't take much to convince me that...IN THAT GRIEF...he chose to have the reversal. Remember how he was out of contact with the family? That could be consistent with surgical recovery.

Now, why did he not tell Nikki? Because, while away, he saw that Youtube video of Chow and Nikki kissing. (Let it never be forgotten that Phyllis and Sharon planted that they are the ultimate causes of all the evil that followed! I have never seen either one feel a moment of guilt about that).

At that point, hating cuckholdery, Victor clammed up and stopped communicating with Nikki. He never resumed his relationship with her upon return. THUS HE NEVER GOT AROUND TO TELLING HER WHAT HE HAD DONE. The relationship no longer warranted it.

Now, would Victor take control of a situation and do what he wanted (like restore fertility) without ever asking his spouse? DAMN RIGHT HE WOULD. That kind of non-consultative control taking without asking others what they think/want is a CLASSIC Victor move.

Okay, so then the next logical question is: If he told Kay, why would Kay never have told Nikki? Now here I acknowledge more of a problem. But again, remember that by the time Victor got back, Nikki and Victor were estranged. They were SOON separated, and divorce followed not too long after. And, not too long after, they had new partners.

Why WOULD Kay tell Nikki her other friend's (Victor's) confidence? It would just rub salt in the wound of the estrangement. It was no longer relevant, quite frankly.

In my view, the ability to keep counsel like this makes Kay a better friend to BOTH of them. I have no problem with this at all.

Again, let us be clear...this is a twist THAT IS WELL WRITTEN BY usenet's CHERI AND PATRICIA :-) . But nothing in the (LAMER) on-screen writing is inconsistent with usenet's Patricia/Cheri's well written twist :-) .


Why would Victor do this, KNOWING that Nikki was unlikely to want more children? (Under this scenario, they were NOT divorced or separated when he did this).

Rationalizing (I KNOW this was a stupid mistake!), in the depths of his grief over Nick, Victor (true to form) wasn't CARING about anyone else...including Nikki. "She's my wife, dammit, I raised her from trash, and if I want her to carry another heir for me she will, dammit, or I will hire someone who will!!"

So, I could buy it.

If I don't tolerate sloppy writing, I have to turn off the soaps...and I'm not ready to do that yet.


So, next, when would Victor discuss such an intensely personal thing with Kay? Do they really have such a relationship?

Well, here is the scene I wrote in my head about how it must have gone :).

After Victor returns, and he and Nikki are estranged, Kay takes him to lunch.

"Darling," she says, "I am worried about you. Nicholas is dead, your marriage is broken, I am just worried how you are going to cope."

Victor, his pursed lip smile with unsmiling eyes, responds, "Don't worry about me, Katherine. I have dealt with far worse in my life. I built myself from the ground up, and I will build myself again. And I can build a new family too, if I wish."

Kay stares at him penetratingly. After the commercial break, she gestures in the air, with a confused squinting. "But darling, how can you build a new family my dear? I mean, after all, dear God in Heaven, hasn't that horse left the barn".

"Katherine," he would say, his jaw in motion, "If you are referring to my previous vasectomy, I have had it reversed by the finest doctors in the world. They assure me that I can have further children again if I wish. I have lost my boy...but this is not necessarily the end of the line!"

Katherine would be flustered, yet intrigued..."Reversed, dear God Victor, could it be true? Are you sure?"

And Victor would get serious and say, "Kindly do not question my decisions."

"But Victor," Kay would protest, "I am not convinced it is over between you and Nikki, and..."

Victor would interrupt: "There is no hope for Nikki and me, now that she has taken up with that pipsqueak of a man!".

Kay would persist. "But Victor, if and when you and Nikki ever DO reconcile, I am not sure she would want, or would be able, to have another child. Shouldn't you discuss this with her?"

Victor would glower. "Katherine, you know me well enough by now. If I decide to have another son, I will do so. There are many women who would willingly assist me in this. I never thought I would want more children...but the loss of Nicholas has opened my eyes to what more I wish to accomplish!"

While Kay was trying to process, Victor would say, "I do not want anyone to know about this. This is private."

And Kay would say, "But Nikki is my dearest friend. Yet, I must admit, telling her might just cause more pain. Until you and Nikki reunite, I agree there is no need for her to know. But promise me, just promise me, dear Victor, that some day you will tell her if and when the time is right."

Victor would fold his napkin and get ready to rise. "I will do no such thing. I cannot imagine this will ever be Nikki's business to know again. Katherine, my dear, I have a business appointment, so I must take leave. Thank you for the lunch invitation". He would rise and kiss her on the cheek, saying--as he parted: "Kindly have a nice day."


Y&RJunkie said...

I was pretty upset when the writers forgot about Victors vasectomy. That a big one to mess up. But in light of justing wanting this show to get its act together, I have decided to accept the explanation and move on (and hope the writers do their homework in the future!!!).

Right now the show looks to get exciting. They have all the key characters in place and I'm ready to see things rumble. Its been a while since Genoa City has been exciting. I hope what we're seeing are better days to come.

Nuala said...

Mark, I love how you've written Victor's dialog. Who else can imbue "kindly" with such menace?

I do have a problem with the reversal rationalization. Even though Victor had his potency restored, there is no way he could will Nikki's fertility back.

And doesn't Victor have a nice supply of swimmers in the deep freeze? If he'd wanted a surrogate to carry a new Nick, he could have just defrosted some stuff; he didn't need to make a new deposit himself.

But in spite of all this, I am glad the vasectomy was at least mentioned.

Clamzilla said...

Regardless of whether Katherine told Nikki or not, I think it is as absurd as believing in Victor's magical reversed vasectomy to think for a moment that Nikki's alcohol and drug-soaked uterus is home to anything but pickled eggs by this time in her life.